Tech Serve was started to give people an opportunity to serve others by using their talents.  For 20 years, Wes Syverson served with Wycliffe Bible Translators building centers and installing complete utility systems all over the world.

Wes founded Tech Serve in 1989 with the vision of seeing volunteers serve ministries of all kinds.  Today, Tech Serve is a non-profit organization dedicated to putting skilled volunteers into action. Our primary focus is supporting those in ministry with buildings and with utility systems.

Over the years Tech Serve has served hundreds of ministries, and sent hundreds of volunteers into action.  Have a look at our Newsletters or Facebook page to see what we’ve been up to.  To keep things on track we have a board of directors for oversight.  If you have any questions about how Tech Serve operates we would be glad to share any information you need.

We strive to see Jesus’s teaching on servanthood become real in the lives of people by placing them in projects to serve those in ministry.  Projects bring people together in a common purpose and lives are changed in the process.

What can God do with your talents? your resources?  What can you imagine?